What is it about McCausland Construction that makes them one of the most sought after construction and design firms in the Los Angeles area? Let’s talk about owner and President of MCD since 1984. That would be Scott McCausland. Scott’s expertise as a licensed general building contractor in highly competitive Los Angeles is legendary. We know that’s a big boast, so let us back it up for you with some history.

Mastering the skills and gaining insight on the intricacies of building in the Southern California region are among the most challenging in the country, and Scott has successfully met those challenges by delivering quality workmanship, professionalism, and exceptional customer service to every client on record.

Prior to the inception of MCD, Scott earned his college degree in Building Construction at State University of New York. Since 1970, Scott has built a foundation of experience by working in all facets of building, including general construction, construction management, consulting, additions, remodeling, improvements and upgrades.

Building on hillsides and constructing multiple-unit complexes, as well as prominent, custom Bel Air Estates requires handling adversity with in-depth knowledge, versatility, and unwavering professionalism. The diversity and impeccable results evident in the projects Scott has overseen speak eloquently of those challenges. From custom traditional-style estates to exclusive communities of ultra-modern and contemporary-style architecture, Scott’s ability to perceive the big picture while mastering the details that customers pour over are the cornerstone of his success in customer satisfaction.

Licensed and insured, the MCD team provides a comprehensive set of construction services with steadfast commitment to following through on every phase of construction. His abundant knowledge and experience make certain that his communication between architects, engineers, city planners, city officials, and inspectors is right on target. Additionally, MCD enjoys a reputation for thorough communication with clients to ensure their understanding of the building process every step of the way, thus minimizing errors, miscommunication, and delays.

“What sets McCausland Construction apart is we share a common set of commitments to making the world we work in a better place.”